What is optimization?

More commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization, it is the process of increasing the overall visibility of a website through keyword and page speed optimization. These days, KC Web Solutions considers it a blanket of Optimization because we aren’t just helping Search Engines, but our Users too.

On the SEO side, optimization will have a profound impact on a search engine’s non-paid results—more commonly referred to as the “natural” or “organic” search results. The earlier (higher ranking on the search results page) and more frequently a website appears in the search results list, the more traffic it will receive from the search engine’s users. SEO can target different types of search engines and styles of search; including but not limited to: image search, local search queries, video searching, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

For users, optimization will decrease page loading times, optimize the hierarchy of content, and promote return visits and conversions.

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What are some post-optimization stats?

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Organic Traffic
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Bounce Rate
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Avg Visit Duration
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Pages Per Session
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Why should you optimize?

Internet users utilize search engines to answer questions, to discover products and services, and to find the company that will provide the best solution for their problem. Whether you’re a global corporation or a small mom-and-pop shop, your potential customers are using search engines to look for what you offer. Even if a customer is familiar with your business name, they are most likely to type that into a search engine rather than trying to remember your domain URL directly. At the very least, then, you’ll want to make sure searchers find you before they find your competitors while searching your business name.

Search engine algorithms these days are complex enough that they know quality content and valuable information when they find it. By creating quality pages full of relevant information, search engine crawlers will give your content a higher quality ranking than your competitors, and boost your search visibility. As with all marketing, you want to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as you can, so increasing your search visibility will assuredly improve your daily user numbers and conversion rates. When you have exactly what someone is looking for, they’re not likely to go elsewhere.

Search engines return results to users who are searching for a particular term or phrase known as a keyword. By improving your contents keyword quality your website will get a better Search Engine Ranking Position. Having a web page keyword rank in the top 3 increases organic page traffic by nearly 83% in most cases. Being more frequently visited also shows search engine algorithms that people want your content, further improving your quality score and authority. The ultimate goal is to get your users to share your content or review your business, due to their strength in further boosting search engine ranking positions.

How do we optimize?

We use White Hat SEO methods to produce long lasting results for your website. Our strict adherence to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Google’s SEO Guidelines keeps your site in good standing with all search engines and away from any penalties that could destroy your Search Engine Ranking Positions. We also keep our processes simple, by iterating through Research, Analysis, Optimization, and Reporting as needed to outrank your competitors.

Through detailed on-page, off-page, and competitor research we can more effectively target search queries that your intended audience is searching for. This detailed analysis allows us to optimize the User Experience to promote return visits and authority. Further, we analyze your content against your competitors so we can use their effective strategies against them.

We use powerful website analysis tools to create an in-depth report of where your website, social media profiles, business directory listings, and more, lack optimizations. By examining key SEO metrics page speeds, and social traffic, we can build a plan to empower your entire brand, and not just your website.

All content can be optimized. Whether it is the readability of a blog post, the compression or filetype of an image, or the minification of code, KC Web Solutions deploys best practices touted by industry giants to serve your brand to more users more quickly.

We track a large amount of data from day 1 and can provide reports in various formats for different timelines. By having a snapshot of your initial brand presence online we can better prove the value of our optimization campaigns, track our successes, and learn from our failures.

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