What is web management?

Website management has many different functions that must be performed in varying frequencies. Domain registration tends to be an annual affair, while backing up your website should most likely be done every 2 weeks or less. However important these functions may be, they can be confusing to non-technical business owners and require a larger amount of time to accomplish. Kansas City Web Solutions offers customized website management solutions to keep you online without worry.

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What management stats could there be?

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What needs managed?

Domain name registration and hosting aren’t always sold as a package, and usually the most economical choice is overlooked due to the complexity of pointing domain names to hosting servers. We aim to save you time and effort by offering a managed solution that will exceed your initial needs to leave room for growth.

While some tools may exist to offer automated backups, they tend to miss important information that may be stored in a database, or their storage is unsafe due to saving to the same drive. We have the ability to backup your entire website to 3 secured drives, as frequently as you need (as often as 1 per day), to ensure quick recovery if necessary.

We also have powerful testing tools available to ensure your website is secure with SSL Certificates, safe from PHP injections, compatible with incoming updates and outgoing supported code structures. Whether you’re on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or just plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript, we can built a custom updates and securities package that saves you time and protects your business.

How do we manage websites?

We believe in leaving control of your website up to you. We personally advise the use of Namecheap for Domain Name Registration, and one of our Managed Hosting packages. We can manage your websites security, backups, updates, and more even if you don’t use our hosting; however, an initial setup fee may occur for management services due to increased setup time.

We’ll help you setup, or transfer to, a higher quality domain registrar so you can take advantage of WhoIs protection (available free for most TLDs).

Don’t get confused by bandwidth and storage requirements. We can accurately evaluate and provide, or attain, hosting that will be more cost effective, yet still allow for your websites growth.

Ensure your visitors, and your own, data is secure throughout your website with a minimum 128-bit encryption HTTPS. Ensure security for your users online transactions, messages, and uploads.

Get complete and secure backups of your server or website daily, weekly, or monthly. Each backup is stored on 3 separate drives with 256-bit Encryption to ensure security. (Maximum of 3 backups stored at once)

Ensuring that a plug-in or updated version of code doesn’t break your website can be troubling. We use sandboxed development areas to test upgrades before they’re approved for your live website.

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