What are analytics?

In the most basic sense, web analytics is the collection, measurement, analysis, and reporting of various web data to understand and optimize web usage. This data can also be used as a powerful tool for business and market research, to evaluate and improve a website or other marketing materials.

Free services such as Google Analytics, Piwik, and Open Web Analytics are out there. Yet they are difficult to setup and even harder to understand. We can integrate Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Twitter, and even Facebook analytics into one easy-to-read dashboard so you can stay on top of marketing, not measurements.

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Why analytics matter?

One major benefit of our analytics platform is its ability to target niche audiences who happen to be interested in purchasing certain products or services. With the help of our analytics dashboard, small business owners will discover which online sources are driving traffic to their website, how users are accessing that website, the age and gender of the visitor, the device the visitor is using, and so many other elements that can then help the small business owner make their website more user friendly. Other metrics include traffic rates, conversion and bounce rates, sessions, number of transactions, and lots of other data that is extremely useful to business owners.

With all the information that analytics platforms provide about website visitors like their location, who they are, and how they behave once they’re on a website, this vital information can then be used to create highly targeted campaigns designed to attract a certain user demographic. These analytics can also help small business owners make better and more informed decisions regarding content marketing, channels, promotions, offers, and conversion optimization.

The sooner a small business embraces web analytics, the better. Detecting problems in the early stage of building your business’ online presence will save money, resources and nerves later down the line. Being able to detect and correct potential errors, poor performing content, or ill-informed marketing schemes due to low time on page, high bounce rate, and low traffic volumes are why analytics tools exist.

How do we analze?

Google has been providing free enterprise level Analytics to webmasters since 2005, but usage of such powerful tools often has a steep learning curve. We’ve found a solution and can provide simplified reports for the data you want, or a dashboard to view everything more easily in one place. Keyword SERP, social media metrics, backlinks, traffic, and so much more!

We bring data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter Metrics, and more into an easy to use dashboard. This dashboard also includes its own website crawler to determine your websites weak points and create a report of where your website lacks in optimization. By examining key SEO metrics and page speeds, we can build a plan to empower your website.

View Facebook Likes, Twitter Interactions, and more with Social Media Management and Tracking. Automate posts to keep your audience engaged, then view reports to see what works best.

Both on-page and SERP keyword research allows us to target more effective search queries throughout your website.

Discover which backlinks in your profile may be hurting your Keyword Search Engine Ranking Position. Discover competitor’s backlinks and mimic their strategies to outrank their keywords.

On-site Technical Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of a successful SEO Campaign. Our Analytics Dashboard gives you the ability to audit your entire website and find optimization errors that hinder ROI.

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