Who is KC Web Solutions?

At this point in time, Kansas City Web Solutions is a small business made of just one man, Jeff Van Gorp. But he is on a mission to make the web a better place for all by providing cost effective Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics & Reporting, and Website Management solutions to small businesses and organizations around the Kansas City metropolitan area. As such, this is more of an About Jeff section.

Jeff and Tisha Van Gorp at the 2018 Chive on Missouri Show-Me Gala in Jefferson City, MO.
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What we focus on.

Your website, social media pages, and marketing graphics don’t just exist to draw attention, they exist to attract and engage users. To become a powerful brand, you need an intelligently designed look, with a strong functional feel. That’s where we come in. You only get one chance to make a first impression. In today’s digital world, first impressions are vital and outstanding designs are the key to success. Users enjoy visiting sites that are aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. Let us help your business make an outstanding first impression with a fresh website, social media branding, or graphic designs.

You might not have your website properly optimized if you are losing users quickly, or not getting users at all. Optimizing page speed has a huge impact on User Experience (UX), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) puts you in front of more users. So what are we waiting for? By utilizing the most current industry standards, we can promote your website to the top of the major Search Engine’s Ranking Positions (SERP). By identifying and implementing keywords strategically, optimizing content delivery, and targeting the right metrics, we boost your websites authority and standing.

Between business meetings with new clients, hours used for existing ones, or trying to get repeat business, you have a lot on your plate. Our all-inclusive and customized website management solutions can help alleviate some of the stress of running a small business by ensuring your domain name registration never lapses, your website remains secure and backed up, and important updates are functionally capable within your current code.

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